Jason Paliougas is a documentary wedding cinematographer and photographer creating destination weddings videos since the early 90’s. Jason’s studio is based in Volos, a beautiful city on the mainland of Greece and in Skiathos Town, the cosmopolitan Destination Wedding Island of the Sporades Islands. In Skiathos Jason works alongside an amazing team of cinematographers, photographers and editors providing high-quality wedding videography & photography services.

Jason’s family photographic history

-1918 Kaligoulas Agrafiotis (grandfather) descends from his village Drakia-Pilio in Volos and at the age of 14  makes his first steps next to his uncle, painter and photographer Rafanidis, who kept a photographic shop on Topali street (with Ermou ).
-1924 At 22 years old , Kaligoulas takes over the photograph of the late painter-photographer Stefanos Stournaras and teaches Kostas (9 years old) and Nikos (7-year-old) children the photographic art .
-Winter of 1950 opens his own photographic studio under Ag. Nikolaos in Ermou of Volos with the name “Kaligoulas”.
-1963 Close to her father, his daughter Haroula is apprenticing from her 14th year and after 2 years, she takes over (due to Kaligula’s illness) the studio.
-October 1968 Haroula is conducting seminars in Germany at the AGFA-GEVEART facilities in LEVERKUSEN, Germany, on the (new) colour photography. A few years later, she returns with her husband, Takis Paliougas, to PHOTOKINA, the largest photographic exhibition in Cologne Germany.

-April 29, 1978 Haroula with Takis Paliougas (an amateur photographer and a member of the EFE-Volos photographic Club) open their photographic shop to K. Kartali 98 str.

Jason Paliougas

-July 20, 2002 Jason Paliougas takes over the photographic studio of his parents in K. Kartali where he works until today.

-June 1990
He graduates from Lyceum and enrolled in FOCUS School in Athens.
-Winter 1991
He also works for a while at famous fashion photographer Stephanos Paschos.
-Winter 1992
He also works until June 1993 at the photographer and teacher Andronikos Hadjikostis.
-Summer 1993
Graduates from the FOCUS School with several participations in group exhibitions in Athens.
-October 1995
Participates in 2 seminars on “Digital Photo Processing – PHOTOSHOP 2.5.1” in London and Manchester. Immediately after returning to Volos, he begins to deal with digital photography.
-Autumn 1999
Teaches  in the 2nd IEK school in Neapoli, Volos, in the field of film and photojournalism for two years.
-Autumn 2000
Continues teaching as well at DIEK school of cotemporary art in Volos, for three years in the specialty of photographers . During these years he participated in 2 group exhibitions with his colleagues and he collaborates with a painter Kostas Komninos for a video installation in Larissa.
-June 2002
He undertakes his parents’ photographic shop and organizes retrospective Black and white photography exhibition from the archive material of his father Takis Palougas.
-Autumn 2004
He has been involved in the establishment of the Volos Photographic Club as well as the Phoebus (Greek club for the Collective Management of Copyright of Photographers) and since then has actively participated in these activities.

-November 2008
In the framework of the “November photo of ’09” photo of the Volos Photographic Club, he made his first solo exhibition at a cafe in Portaria, Pelion, entitled “Dryanouvena”
-January 2009
His interview and work is published in the online magazine for professional photographers as “the photographer of the week”.

-April 2009
His work is published and extracts from the above interview in the magazine “Photographer” that is inserted with the newspaper “KATHIMERINI” panhellenic range in the column Photo Gallery.
-Winter 2013 Participates in the founding of the Professional Photography Association and Magnissia Magnesia as Vice President.

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